College Level

Laguna Ocean Foundation’s Summer Internship Program was launched in June 2009. The objective of the program is to provide college level students with work experience in various fields of marine science relating to education, conservation, and research. Interns will be trained to become Tidepool Educators at Heisler Park and Treasure Island; and will participate in activities that may include collect data relating to local water quality, intertidal biodiversity, and Marine Protected Area infractions; participate in current research projects such as intertidal human use surveys and the Laguna Beach shorebird diversity surveys; collaborate with local entities such as the Laguna Beach Lifeguards and the City’s Marine Protection Officer; record collected data in Excel spreadsheets; and interpret data in creative ways for publication.

The program generally runs from mid-June through mid-September, but start and stop dates are flexible based on the students needs. Students are required to work roughly 10-15 hours per week, where half of these hours are devoted to working as Tidepool Educators at Heisler Park and Treasure Island. All hours worked as Educators and a portion of the research hours worked are paid, while the remaining hours are unpaid.

College students who are interested in participating in Laguna Ocean Foundation’s Summer Internship Program can email their résumés to Please include a one-page cover letter explaining why you are interested in this internship and include any relevant personal or work experiences. Résumés are due March 15th and qualified candidates will be interviewed and selected by April 15th.

PO Box 5247
Laguna Beach, CA 92652-5247

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