Government Initiatives

Government Initiatives



EIR Workshops – Public Outreach and Awareness Programs

In partnership with the League of Women Voters, LOF presented a workshop on the importance of understanding and how to comment on an Environmental Impact Report.

Promoting Enforcement of Existing Laws

Because of the confusion regarding and difficulty enforcing the various State and County laws and codes, LOF enthusiastically supported the adoption of a new city ordinance that more effectively protects the intertidal zone of Laguna Beach. The ordinance identifies the city’s Marine Protected Areas, establishes Marine Protection Officer, and makes it unlawful to disturb the tidepool habitat within city limits. The adoption of the new city ordinance also requires research institutions/personnel to attain additional permits/approval from the City’s Marine Protection Officer prior to collecting or conducting research in Laguna’s Marine Protected Areas.

The ordinance goes a long way in solidifying Laguna’s ability to protect its own intertidal resources. Laguna Beach Municipal Code 18.29 went into effect on April 5th, 2007.