Emerging Leaders Program

Laguna Ocean Foundation - Laguna Beach, CA

Are you looking for leadership opportunities? Our new leadership program, Emerging Leaders, aims to mentor students through the process of identifying a conservation issue in their local environment, figuring out how to solve it, and applying their own solutions.

We are looking for individuals who are interested in addressing environmental challenges through their own unique methods. This includes topics such as marine resources, protected areas management, climate resilience, environmental awareness and education, pollution reduction, biodiversity conservation, and ecosystem restoration. This opportunity is for individuals who are passionate about exploring their own ideas and are self-motivated.

We welcome ideas that involve social media, citizen science, research, and education as a few examples.

We will only be accepting applications from those currently enrolled in a two-year or four-year post-secondary program.

To Apply

If you are interested, please fill out this Application Form.

For more information or questions, please e-mail Dr. Krista Fruehauf at krista@lagunaoceanfoundation.org.