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Professional Tidepool Educator Program at Treasure Island Seashore

Since 2006, Montage Resort & Spa has provided an annual donation that supports, Laguna Ocean Foundation’s interpretive education program at the Treasure Island tidepools. It allows the Foundation to provide paid professional educators with Marine Biology and other specialized training to answer questions and educate visitors about the tidepools and the sea life within them when the tidepools are most exposed. They also provide education about the MPA and its rules. The program has been very effective and patrons and visitors from around the world have walked away with a fuller understanding of the rocky intertidal environment. The Educators provide on-site resource interpretation and love to share their knowledge and joy of the local ecosystem, flora and fauna. Educators are at the tidepools year around when the tide is below 2.5 feet and the weather is enjoyable.

Tidepool Educators keep record of how many individuals visit the area, how many visitors we contact, the number of incidents observed that are inconsistent with the MPA regulations, and the weather and sea conditions.


Professional Tidepool Educator Program at Heisler Park State Marine Reserve

In June 2009, Laguna Ocean Foundation received the Whale Tail Grant from the California Coastal Commission in order to launch a new professional tidepool education program at Heisler Park State Marine Reserve. The program is modeled after the Treasure program where Educators provide on-site resource interpretation to visitors. An annual anonymous grant allows the program at Heisler to continue to provide Educators are at the tidepools on weekends year around when the tide is below 2.5 feet and the weather is enjoyable.



Volunteer Tidewater Docent Program

Created in 2003, the Volunteer Docent is the bedrock of our Foundation. The Volunteer Docent program has been so successful that the Foundation also offers tidepool education and interaction with visitors from trained volunteers at 5 coves. During most years the program has 80+ volunteers who attend a free three day training program to learn to educate the beach going public about the life and natural processes occurring in the tidal habitats of Laguna Beach. Trained docents volunteer commitment is a minimum 3 hours per month for a tidepool shift at one of the five coves. Many of our docents love the work so much they volunteer many more than the minimum. The Docents are lead by our Docent Coordinator and they all work in close coordination with the Laguna Beach Department of Marine Safety and Laguna’s very own Marine Protection Officer. The volunteer docents have the option to work at Crescent Bay, North and South, Shaw’s Cove, Wood’s Cove, and Goff Island, throughout the year during periods when the intertidal zone is most vulnerable.

Tidewater Docent training classes are held throughout the year and if you are interested in the program please see below.

Join the TideWater Docent Program

The tide pools of Laguna Beach need protection and trained volunteers are needed to help educate the millions of uninformed locals and guests that visit our coastline. Created in April 2003 the program has trained over 200 volunteers and is actively seeking enthusiastic participants to help with our mission to educate the public concerning the value of the intertidal ecosystem.

To qualify as a TideWater Docent, volunteers must attend one formal training session. The date of the next formal training session is located in the “News and Events” section of the homepage. The initial two-hour training session is held at the Ocean Institute in Dana Point and provides background information concerning the resource and logistics concerning the program. Following the formal training potential docents will have on-site training at the tidepools conducted by the Docent coordinator. All classes and training are conducted by professional marine biologists and by the Marine Protection Officer for the City of Laguna Beach.

After completion of the required trainings, new docents receive an LOF badge and a TideWater Docent t-shirt, and they are ready to sign up for docent shifts. Docents are encouraged to volunteer once a month, for a three-hour shift at one of the rocky intertidal areas (tidepools) listed above.

To sign up to become a TideWater Docent email at or click the button below.

PO Box 5247
Laguna Beach, CA 92652-5247

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