Coastal Resources

Coastal Resources



Laguna Ocean Foundation’s Intertidal Habitats Inventory is a comprehensive assessment of intertidal habitats along the entire Laguna Beach coast. The intensive field work conducted for this inventory led to site-specific mapping of habitat attributes in the intertidal zone. The product, a digitized map that characterizes habitats at the landscape level, provides an important source for decisions relating to management of coastal resources including:

1. Resource management policies appropriate for the City’s General Plan and Local Coastal Program
2. Priorities for restoration and enhancement of intertidal habitats
3. Identification of site-specific visitor management practices
4. Procedures and priorities for oil spill emergency response planning

Laguna Ocean Foundation is dedicated to sustainable ocean ecosystems along the Laguna Coast.

We envision an evolving understanding of our local marine resources in order for Laguna Beach to better protect and enhance this valuable wilderness.