Our Mission

Laguna Ocean Foundation is a non-profit 501(C) (3) organization founded in 2003 by a small group of concerned Laguna Beach residents in response to the VISION 2030 report. It was recognized through the report process that the coastal resources of Laguna Beach were an essential part of the community and there was a need for further protection and conservation of these resources. Locals and visitors flock to the beaches, tidepools, kelp forests and offshore habitats of Laguna Beach and the landscape of pristine sandy coves nestled between rocky intertidal points have long captured the imagination of artists.

With increasing visitation it was recognized that beach patrons to this community needed to be better educated concerning the delicacy of the marine ecosystems, with this goal the Tidewater Docent program was created in 2002 to provide interpretive education experiences at several Laguna beach tidepool sites. As the program expanded the local enthusiast decided that the program needed a home and that more could be done to further enlighten the community concerning conservation marine biology. The Foundation has expanded and grown, with a governing Board of Directors who oversee several programs, a professional consulting staff, and a large group of local volunteers and supporters.

Laguna Ocean Foundation is dedicated to sustainable ocean ecosystems along the Laguna Coast. We envision an evolving understanding of our local marine resources in order for Laguna Beach to better protect and enhance this valuable wilderness.