Kelpfest 2017


Kelpfest is coming April 22nd!


Watch this YouTube documentary about the making of the very first Kelpfest.


Kelp is the fastest growing organism in the world! It can grow up to two feet a day.

Time to Celebrate!

The seventh annual Kelpfest event is coming! Join us Saturday, April the 22nd for a fun filled day of activities and educational displays as we celebrate the return of the giant kelp forests off the coast of Laguna Beach.

Kelpfest 2017 will be held at Laguna Beach's Main Beach and will feature great attractions such as:

Giant Kelp Forests

More than 800 species rely on kelp forests, and we are one of them!

For more than 20 years, Laguna Beach's kelp forests had declined by as much as 80%. But over the past nine years, thousands of people have worked to restore these critical habitats.

Come learn more about how kelp is used in our everyday life and join us in a celebration of its return to Southern California!

Mark Your Calendars!


Saturday April 22nd, 9am - 3pm Main Beach Laguna Beach, CA

Kelpfest is hosted by Laguna Ocean Foundation Want to learn more?
Contact Louise Thornton

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